March 25, 2010

no more snail mail

i was on a ferry with a bunch of my friends and it was so beautiful we decided to have some fun. i stole the keys to the speaker system off the main desk and we made a quick announcement over the loudspeaker and then started doing an accapella version of the intro to lion king. it sounded really good and we were banging on the heater system. then we got in trouble. i got in big trouble and the man said he was going to kick me out of the program i was on and send me back to america. but i begged him not to do that and he ended up just taking away my letter privileges, which meant no more mail, sending or receiving. at first i said WHEW okay, but then the more i talked about it i got really upset and started crying. i stopped eating for a few days because i was so sad and also i was doing bad in all of my classes. i didn't understand what the harm was in our little prank and why i was the only one who got in trouble. there was a big party at my flat that night and so many of my friends from home were there but i was still so sad about not being able to write letters to anyone that i ran away and sat outside in the rain with a bowl of mac and cheese in my lap, uneaten.

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  1. thats weird, you had JUST tried my mac & cheese that night!!