March 21, 2010


i was at my old church and my mom made my flat mate sarah and i help lead this group of kindergartners in vacation bible school. i was really annoyed that i had to do it but i said okay. i couldn't find sarah and it was because they marked it down that she was in kindergarten so she was in my group and i had to lead everyone then. i walked down the stairs to go get my group there were only about 3 kids and they all seemed pretty nice and small. there were bunnies everywhere and pizza was on the chair and she recognized me. except she was HUGE. probably the size of a small kangaroo, and her legs looked like one. to be honest she didn't look like a rabbit at all, and her eyes were humongous black spheres. but i knew it was her and she knew me, and i pet her a lot and she was still really soft. but also kind of freaky looking.

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