March 09, 2010

mcdonalds vending machine

in my dream i was taking a hike with mac and justin and lizzy and we were walking really far about 2 hours because we heard that there was a mcdonalds on this tiny island off the coast of new zealand and wanted to see if it was true. we walked so far and then saw that there was a really long skinny bridge so we walked across it and through an old boat that was turned into a house. it was really windy and the sky kept changing from day to night. but it ended up being morning when we got to the island. on the island there was a shop that was a 2 story warehouse of souvenir gifts and we couldn't find the mcdonalds anywhere. we were getting nervous because it was almost 10:30 when they stop selling breakfast. we asked the lady behind the counter and she said it was upstairs. we run up the stairs and see that there is a huge vending machine full of all different types of mcdonalds food. but then i looked at my watch and it was 11 and i said NO but it was actually okay because since it was a vending machine they sold breakfast all day. and so i got 4 bacon egg and cheese on a bagel because i could just heat them up later when i wanted another one. and it was a really good feeling.

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  1. leah! you are having so many dreams in new zealand! what a good place for you to be.