February 20, 2009


i was at a friends house and there was dirt on my palm. i went to the sink to get it off and i could feel a really big blister right in the center of my hand, the more i washed my hands the bigger i realized it was. i started picking at it and ended up peeling a whole layer of my skin off. but it wasn't just on my palm, it was like a mold of my whole hand, and with it my index finger came off. it had been disconnected from my hand the whole time and when i removed the blister it came too. so i had 4 fingers and immediately i knew that this meant i could never make anything anymore. i tried to put my finger back on but even with it back on my hand and fingers couldn't bend or work correctly. oh i was so sad. and so shocked, this wasn't the plan for my life!!! i wanted to be okay with this, and be okay that i could never write or draw or create ever again. i cried so much in my dream. sitting on my knees and just looking at this finger that was no longer a part of my body. everyone said it was okay, the lord has a different plan for you, and i said i know i'm okay with whatever happens. but i wasn't. i was not okay with it as many times as i repeated it out loud and to myself. i woke up in sweat.

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  1. Ewww. That actually sounded pretty cool at first, kind of like you had just coated your hand with glue and then you got to peel it all off. Because maybe it wouldn't hurt to peel the skin in your dream. But that got so sad! What a bad ending. But I'm sure you'd be able to get a prosthetic finger or make stuff with your other nine fingers.