February 23, 2009


dream that i was back in high school, walking up to the bus stop. there were leaves all around on the ground and i couldn't fly but if i walked in a circle i could levitate maybe a foot in the air if i kept my feet moving. i had on a dress that swirled around when i spun.
i couldn't find joe because he left the house after me. the bus came really early and i said i couldn't get on because i had to be with my brother. the bus left, then joe came up the road to pick me up in my moms van. we drove back to our house and it was summer on our street. the driveway was empty, so our parents were gone. and the house was locked, so we had no way of getting to school- since joe is grounded from driving and i choose not to. angelina jole came out from our backyard and she said she could drive us to school, because she was my aunt. but then joe disappeared again. every time i looked at my watch it was 4:20 and i was so nervous that my boss was going to fire me, because how would she believe me even if i told her what had happened. angelina kept saying the words series of unfortunate events until i told her she should probably leave our house since she was no help to us.

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