August 27, 2009

back to school

back back back. 

had a dream last night that i was wearing a huge basketball jersey as a dress and had a lid on, basically i as dressed like a fool. i was running to the administration office and was really nervous so i was curving and uncurling the rim of my hat and it was making really weird shapes. everyone was staring at me telling me to slow down but i was in a hurry and really stressed out. i ran into the offices and this lady yelled at me and said i wasn't allowed back there. i said "excuse me but i just have to look at this list so if you could just please fuck off." she was very angry with me and stood right behind my back, breathing down my neck the whole time. the person i wanted to see about my schedule was gone and so i stormed out of the building. i went to our cottage and started to fill up the bathtub with hot water. i wanted really a really long bath so i turned the water on as hot as it could go so it would be hot for a long time. i took all the honey we had in our cabinets and poured it in the water. all my friends were at the house and i said i was taking a bath if anyone wanted to join me. turns out everyone did. so while the water was filling up i was thinking, debating the whole time if i should just go in naked or if i should wear a bathing suit or if all of that was too much of a hassle to think about and i would just go in my underwear. the bathtub morphed into not a bathtub so that everyone could fit. the structure of it was made out of furniture. couches lined up together forming a rectangle, and the water was staying inside of it fine. except for the part that i was going to be in, there was a gap between the couches and everyone said if i turned the water off it would all slosh out my side unless i used my body as a barrier. this was stressful to me because all i wanted was a nice honey bath by myself. that room disappeared, and the next thing i knew i was eating dog food reading a book My Friend, The River. i was surprised in my dream, because i was aware that wasn't an actual book and those words belonged in my real life somehow. but the book was beautiful, one of the best i had ever read, so i started eating the pages and they tasted like a combination of flowers, sunlight, color, and sugar. i kept looking around me and noticing we had all this storage space, but weren't using it to it's full potential. i kept saying those words aloud, "full potential, full potential" until i woke up.

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