August 29, 2009

one from summer

good real life|dream life day:

awake: i was taking a walk around grand rapids by myself, having a great time smiling and seeing and feeling beauty. i was outside of a house with white picket fence in the front yard and came to understand why it is a dream of many humans to live with one in their future. i was repeating the words white picket fence out loud, not realizing everyone driving by was probably wondering why i was talking to myself. a butterfly flew in front of my head. i said hey! then, a bird sat on a fence post and it was the most beautiful bird i've seen. it was loaded with the color that i feel is really important to have in life. the body of the bird was bright green/yellow. it had black wings with white stripes on them almost in the shape of bones. then it flew away and i wondered all the way home about what i had just seen. apparently i wondered about it so much and so long it was in my dream.

sleep world: i asked everyone around me if they had seen this kind of bird before. i used big hand motions to try to describe it's beauty but i couldn't figure out how to explain the color. finally someone said "yes! i have seen those, there is a whole field of them under a tree in the park down the road. they fall out of the trees though, and most of the them die on impact. it is very sad, i'm surprised you saw one, they are very rare because they die so young." i ran to the field where my friend said the birds were. i didn't see any bird except one, and it was falling from the tree, which was actually the sky. when i looked up the tree trunk i realized the whole sky was one big tree branch and the whole air above me was covered in a ceiling of green leaves. it wasn't sad though, all the dead birds. because they had all come back to life as bunnies. so the field was full of bunnies hopping around. and i started hopping around and clapping my hands because i couldn't believe my luck!

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