December 21, 2010


i was up in a really tall building and this girl and i were having a sleep over. she took a pill before bed and then (like the man in that one joke zombie movie we watched maybe a month ago) she grew another head out of her neck and then it split into another person right beside her. there was a good one and a bad one and i knew that in reality neither was fully good or fully bad, they were both bad. so i felt really unsafe and i ran down the stairs and out of the building. i ran to my middle school and into the first floor bathroom because i was going to throw up but then i realized i ran into the boys bathroom. so i held the vomit in my mouth and ran down the hall into the girls bathroom. and there were people in it, so i threw up in the sink. for like at least 2 minutes. but not like one throw up after another, it was like in team america where the vomit is just coming out of the guys mouth like a geyser. straight down into the sink. i could FEEL IT coming out of my mouth, feel the chunks. which is absolutely disgusting i know but i knew while i was sleeping that i could feel it coming out of my mouth.

then there was another part where i was at this hotel with some guy who i knew was supposed to be my friend. and we had been friends for a really long time. but i didn't trust him anymore because i knew he was possessed by some sort of ghost or demon or something. i knew this because this small girl who was about 5 kept coming around every time we were in a group of people. but he never introduced her or acknowledged she was there. no one else could see her but me and him. he would do these really weird things like tell us all to get in the hot tub while he scratched everyone on the back with a chain saw. but NO ONE ELSE thought it was weird, they just thought it was funny. and i kept saying no, no thanks. i don't think its safe to have electric machinery in water. i knew he was trying to trick everyone into getting electrocuted. but every time i thought i caught him, he quit doing what he was doing and then everyone kept trusting him. and then sometimes the whole hot tub would disappear and so would the girl. but then at one point i tried killing him (my friend) and he got really weird and his voice went really low and he said I NEED TO SWIM NOW really slowly, so then we went to this other hotel place and there were all these pools and the girl came back and she was following me and i said this is stupid i'm waking up.

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