December 13, 2013

I was in Australia on a walk-about tour by myself and everyone was say that I should go swimming in this river where the sheep graze, so I did. The river was really quiet and just like a babbling brook so I kept swimming down it. The sheep were swimming too and I said out loud to one of them, 'wow this is such a shallow river'. As soon as I said that I saw that the river ahead of me was darker and faster moving so I knew it was getting deeper. The sheep looked nervous and frightened but the water was moving too fast for us to turn around. I saw some sheep struggling the further the river went and I passed them as the water pushed me. Then it was like I was on a water ride at an amusement park going around corners and down huge slopes the water was faster and faster and I saw dead sheep under the water. There was a wooden railing on one of the sides so I swam to that and tried to hold on. The river was leading me to a cave and the sky was getting darker but I could notice that the wooden railing at this point was actually raw lamb meat that was the same thickness of the wood beam. It was so slippery I couldn't hang on and I was so disgusted but I knew I had to use it or else I would drown. The river lead me to an elaborate room with beds and a dining room table and marble statues. I got a bad feeling i my stomach and saw that the cushions and the couches and the blankets were moving because they were stuffed with live snakes.

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