December 13, 2013

at the beginning of my dream we were at a plot of land. Alex and i visited a lot when we were at school. we were super young in the beginning of my dream, like 18. and there was this HUGE tree that was at this place that we always visited.

there was a pink flower that looked almost like it was made of felt and it was a circle in the middle with four long skinny pink velvety leaves that were probably 5 inches long and only about an inch wide at the most. we visited fairly often and noticed over the years as the tree grew bigger and taller, the pink flower would die where it was and then grow again a few feet taller on the tree trunk.

so we came one day once we were older, probably like 28 but i still felt like myself right now. you were really excited and couldn't wait to show me. the tree kind of looked sick and unhealthy, but Alex said it was okay when I was nervous. then all of the sudden, all the old places that the pink flower had been unzipped and the tree sort of shifted on a diagonal so it was standing up straight. the pink spots shifted and made this huge knot in the tree and it hollowed itself out and created this window that looked like stained class, but it was really just all made of wood and little branches. it was really beautiful.

He got a grin on your face and said well! come inside! so we went in and it was SO COLORFUL AND REALLY REALLY REALLY beautiful. the layout of the house itself was basically on one floor but every room was a few stairs different than the others so they felt like separate compartments of our house. i remember going in the kitchen and it was pretty small but we had a HUGE fridge and a HUGE area to hold all of our fresh produce. both of these appliances took up a wall together but i didn't mind because Alex said it was a good investment and everyone agreed. the walls in the house were really rustic and the ceilings were exposed wood beams. in each room there were certain paintings on the walls like and one specific one i remember seeing in the kitchen near the table was probably a foot up from the bottom of the wall and was more like one long verticle rectangle with little sections in squares coming off of it? really colorful dots and markings kind of like that drawing by eva hesse i like.

we went into one of the guest bedrooms and the door was shorter in height and when alex opened the door right above the door was a picture of a circle cartoon boy yelling and then diagonal up the wall towards the ceiling was a train comic coming out of his mouth with a sentence from dr suess i'm not sure what it said, the room walls were hardwood floors and each beam strip was painting light blue (this room is hard to explain). the room itself wasn't a square or a rectangle it was an odd shape and the  ceiling also wasn't flat, it went up. its like he had designed this room AROUND the drawing, it was really neat.

i liked all the rooms we saw and then alex brought me upstairs to our room, which was a loft overlooking the main living area. there was a lot of natural light because there were so many windows in the house. we had a GIANT (queen sized) bed which was kind of low to the ground and had navy blue bedding on it. all the blankets were blue. there was a red carpet underneath the bed, which made the bed pop! but the carpet wasn't in the whole room. there was what looked to some as a walk in closet attached to our room, but it was actually just for things that we like a lot, no clothes allowed. so it was like a little treasure chest of goodies. there were magazine racks full of old maps and prints from contemporary printmakers and photographers and artists that alex had been collecting for us. the maps were really neat, it was like he went to every thriftstore in the world and found all the fold-up maps from ALL over and it was so nice.

we sat on the bed and i said i like this room the best, and alex told me that he made it for us to share together. and i couldn't believe how nice all of it was and how perfectly grownup but still young and youthful it all was. it was really really magical and special and i was so happy and proud of you.

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