December 13, 2013

I was nighttime and I was somewhere camping with a group of really bizarre people. Bizarre in the way that none of these people would actually be together, but it was still nice. Like Lauren Markely, Ethan, these girls I was friends with in Colorado, other people from other camps that I worked at, Courtney, some of her friends from the wedding, etc. We were all outside having a campfire and someone started singing - we didn't know who it was, because looking around you could tell it wasn't anyone that we were with. I started looking around and then I started noticing all these lights in the trees above our heads, they weren't glowing as bright as light bulbs but they were more like orbs of light. At first it was super blurry, and there was this hot summer wind that was rushing around us, so if you didn't know any better, you would hear wind and not the singing. I couldn't see any of these lights in focus, but people that were outside with us started noticing too, and the singing got louder. Then I realized that these orbs weren't just orbs but they were angels! Angels from heaven and we were really nervous because obviously we had never seen anything like this before, but they were so beautiful and the song was THE MOST BEAUTIFUL song I've ever heard in my life - everything sounded so perfect, like you had never before heard true singing until right then.

Then they were no longer in the trees and they were in front of us, on the ground. Just right there. And I started looking at them, and most of these angels I didn't recognize, probably 80 percent I didn't recognize, but out of the 30 or so angels that were with us, I saw my friend Josh from highschool, this other boy Timmy that went to my highschool, Austin, and my grandpa. They all looked exactly like I remember them to be, but a lot happier, and I remember getting really sad and super upset. I started crying and then this one angel came over to me, a girl that was wearing this really pale blue dress with long sleeves and had long brown hair. She listened to me explain how I was really happy that everyone was there and that I knew people from my past were comfortable and safe, but still felt sad that they weren't with me because I'm selfish. She touched my shoulder and said she understood. Everything went blue around me, and as she was talking to me I felt at peace and somehow knew that everything would be okay. I looked around and the angels were talking to the other people I was with; laughing and talking and just hanging out. Then they said they had to go and they were up in the trees again and they started dimming out of focus just as how they came.

I went inside to this house where we were staying at. And for some reason there were parents everywhere, at least my parents and alexs parents, and I wanted to find him and tell him what I saw but I knew I would get in trouble if I did. One time I went over to Alex and he were halfway talking in your sleep and told me that he had three steaks for dinner that night.

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