December 13, 2013

i was driving around in fayetteville, but i wasn't actually driving i was in a convertible in the back seat. there was a giant turtle fighting a bird ahead of me in the sky. the turtle killed the bird and also it ripped off its wings kept on flying. i thought, wow that's really messed up i should get home quickly.

when i got on my street i realized i wasn't in the car anymore, but actually floating home. i looked behind me and realized that the turtle was coming at me, gaining speed as he came closer. he looked super mad at me and kept going faster and faster directed at my head. at the last second i ducked my head and juked the turtle and as it passed my head i smacked the shell. then it crashed into the ground, split open and all this jelly came out. i felt bad for one second until i realized that my mom had left groceries on the front step for me and the entire bag was full of Udi's cinnamon raisin bagels and then i felt pretty cool.

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