December 13, 2013

i had a dream last night that i lived in a city and at one point a few months back, part of the city fell underground and no one knew why. there was a circular hole that was on a small hill where buildings used to be, about a block in diameter. no one really investigated it because there were always very loud noises coming from the hole, it sounded like a railroad or a large construction site with tons of screetching and whistles, and engines blasting. everyone in the city had become accustomed to the hole in the ground, until one day when it started getting louder and louder - you could hear it across the entire area, and when you were up close, it was so loud that you couldn't hear yourself think, it really became the only noise in the city.

everyone moved out, all the visitors left and only a few people our age remained, probably about 50 or so. the sound lasted only a few days or maybe it was just a few hours, but it was almost unbearable. the people that were left including myself were running past it one night in order to get home, and then all of the sudden this terrible noise shot out of it, so we all stopped and covered our ears.

MILLIONS of strands of string and rope came shooting out of the hole each with a different size balloon on the ends of them. the strands weren't normal balloon length but probably 10 times that, some even looked like they were hundreds of feet in the air. and the size of the balloons varied from small to ones as big as my room! it was really cool to see, especially because it was at night so it was hard to tell at first what they were. they looked like giant lollypops shooting out of the sky. everyone was amazed and then, slowly the buildings started to raise up out of the ground again. inch by inch.

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