December 13, 2013

I was in a very large pool with some friends and family and strangers. We were swimming around and saw there was something swimming under us. I went underwater and saw it was a whale coming right for us. We were in its path and I swam out of the way just in time for it to breach. At first everyone seemed scared but then we realized that the whale was friendly and didn't mean us any harm. There were three whales - the mom and then two smaller whales. One looked like a mix between a seal and a whale and one a mix between a dog and a whale. The dog one was wearing hiking boots and hiking socks and was super clumsy and sometimes got out of the pool to splash around. The whales would swim around you and with their energy let you know that you could swim together in circles with them. I got to do this with the seal whale and we went underwater and swam around together just the two of us. It was really special. I could see better underwater than I could above.

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