February 04, 2010


i was at professor slughorns birthday with joe and it was in a library that had all the books removed so it was a really large space. everyone there was in halloween costumes. joe was just wearing all black i don't know what he was. but he cut the feet off of his socks so it was like he was wearing black really short thin leg warmers and he was sitting on top of this table during my whole dream. i was dressed like a squid and i had to walk in swaying motions the whole dream so people could get the full effect. i felt really good about my costume until i saw someone else that was a squid and their costume was better than mine. then i felt self conscious.

they locked us in and put on some dance music and said LET THE CHAOS BEGIN. and there were strobe lights and dancing and it seemed pretty fun. all the adults were sitting at this long table drinking. robin williams was there and he had this straw that he was holding over no cup. i was watching him because it was really interesting what was happening. he would take a sip and this cup would appear with liquid in it and the longer he drank for the larger and more intricate the cup became. it was really beautiful almost, fun to watch. he saw me watching him and thought i was giving him the eyes because then he came over to me and tried to kiss me and i was so repulsed because his mouth is so tiny and plus i hate robin williams and i just really hated my life when that was happening.

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