February 25, 2010


i was on top of a really rocky mountain peak right at the top in an old cabin. i was there with a few of my friends. it was really dark. the loch ness monster had surfaced and we had seen it. it was huge - about half the size of the whole lake. it had many legs and arms. the scales on it were black and navy blue. where its head should be there was not one, but instead the body of a man. somehow the man was removed from the monster, he had broken free. he was walking around in our cabin. he kept talking about how he needed to kill himself or else scientists would find out and use him for experiments. we tried to stop him but he was walking backwards towards the window and fell out. while he was falling down the cliff, the loch ness monster came out of the water again and grabbed the man. he ripped off the mans scales which killed him immediately. he placed him on the ground on the side of the cliff. we realized that the man wanted to be in the water so no one would find him but the loch ness monster did not want that. he wanted people to find the man and to know the truth. it was very windy.

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