February 18, 2010

unplanned wedding

i was at school and i found out that courtney was getting married in about 4 hours and no one had bothered to tell me. everyone assumed that i knew and i felt left out because no one told me that i needed to have a fancy dress or be anywhere at a certain time. courtney took our family out to dinner and said it needed to be somewhere quick so she could have time to get ready before her wedding. we went to wendys and the cashier took forever on mine and joes orders so we waited 2 hours for our food. courtney got really pissed at us and left us at wendys.

on the way back there was about 3 feet of snow everywhere and there were giant bunnies in the road. everyone was scared of them because they were about the size of a sheep or a medium sized dog. i went over and tried to pet one but someone told me it would bite my hand off and that i needed to be really careful.

i went to the grand hall and my mom said i couldn't be in the wedding because of what i was wearing. i got really upset because again, no one bothered to tell me. i went to the cube to go to up lizzys room and borrow a dress from her. when i got into the elevator and pushed foor 9 button i realized that i was in the basin and that the floors only go up to 4. i went through the roof and kept going up 5 flights of stairs which were actually just air. i was super nervous and i woke up.

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