June 13, 2010

hole in the rock

it was one of those bible study parties that my parents always made us go to. we were all going to go kayaking at this place called hole in the rock. and it looked really beautiful, i could see it from where i was standing. it looked like everything was made out of cardboard, like we were on the set of a middle school production, except there were waterfalls and everything had moss on it. the sun was making the rocks shine purple. joe and i were going to be partners and each group got note pads that they could write on. i wanted to bring my camera but i remember thinking joe will probably tip us over and my camera will be ruined. so i brought the note pad instead. i was looking through it and i saw my own handwriting. and i remembered writing that in another dream i had a really long time ago. i showed joe what i wrote and then i flipped the page and i saw his handwriting. it was really neat and also a really weird feeling remembering a dream while i was dreaming. joe jumped off this rock and it all moved and i got that feeling that it was a prop for something again and we were hanging from the ceiling on strings. i'm not sure really. but the lighting was really pretty and i jumped off the rock too onto the cave thing below us and my foot landed in the water but it felt really good and i kept thinking this is going to be a really great day. then my dad gave me a camera that he found. he said it used to be my grandpas but he had dropped it. it was a disposable so i looked at how many exposures were left and it said 500. i took a picture of a muffin on the table and then i wound the film and it said 900 left. my dad wanted to take it back and throw it away but i kept playing with it and then the next time i looked it said 200 and then went back up to 500. it was fun though.

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