June 06, 2010

retainer in

i was back in the states and had just seen a lot of people that i loved. we were at some museum and i needed to get something out of my car or go up a few floors so i took the elevator. i got in the elevator and was looking at my feet just like always. i heard someone saying how is this going past floor 4 there are only four to begin with. and all we realized we were going through the roof and that the elevator was broken. everyone got nervous and a lot of people were panicking. the elevator started to tip to the side and i could see the sun setting over a city in the distance. the colors were really bright orange, reds and purples. i was thinking a mile a minute and kept saying please not today i just got back, i haven't even done anything yet. everyone in the elevator was praying and scared. then i thought if i am going to die, if i am really going to be dead i don't want to spend my last moments alive worrying and pleading. so i started saying thank you for this, thank you for that, the color of the sky is really pretty right now. some woman was holding my hand. then all of the sudden we were not in danger anymore. everyone in the elevator realized that it was part of an exhibit and after floating in this elevator for a few more minutes around the city we were returned to the museum in the same elevator shaft that we got in before.

then i was in eastern hills and i saw katie and marlee and cried a lot. we were all hugging each other and we knocked over tables and chairs and ended up rolling around the ground laughing. and i said this is funny but i hope this doesn't really happen when its real because that would hurt.

then i was in another museum on a field trip and i tried eating a colored pencil because it said it was purely made out of fruits and vegetables. but i got a sliver on my tongue and it kind of hurt and felt really weird at the same time. i told my teacher i didn't want to do media studies with my life so i got up and left the field trip and went sledding with no sled outside in the snow.

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