June 18, 2010


i was standing on the side of my car leaning against it and had my feet up on the curb balancing myself. alex came around the side and he was wearing a red sweater. we said our hellos and then we turned around and were in a department store isle and he was showing me this chocolate bar that had my name on it. it was kind of bizarre and there was this piece that moved on the bottom of the package. he told me it was an optical illusion but i didn't get it, plus the candy was called the leelee which was just confusing. i looked over in the store and saw a group of people all wearing black outfits. then i saw my dad walk by wearing a red sweater. i told alex i would be right back and went to go say hi to my dad. he was carrying a deformed child and then handed it to someone and hugged me. he looked a few years younger and also a lot happier. there was a man standing behind him also wearing red. which i knew was my dad as well, but a much older more angry version of himself. he looked sad to see me, but more so sad for me to see him like he was. then the dad that i hugged said he had to go back to work but that i should find my mom. she came around the corner and was wearing a red shirt. she looked happy and shorter than i remember her. she told me that the ymca had started doing hot yoga and that she had done it every day for the last 7 weeks. i said get out of town !!! i wanted to find a place to do hot yoga when i got back mom! she took me into the class and it was really weird. there was pumpy music and everyone was dancing in a really hot room and doing yoga inspired dance moves, but it was definitely not hot yoga. but my mom looked so happy doing it i decided just to support her but also sneak out the door. then i went back to the mall and looked in the crowd to find alex in his red sweater sitting where i left him.

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