May 31, 2010

boring short ones

i dont remember much of any of these but i feel like i had a million dreams last night.


i was at school and we were having class in one room all together in the basement. i had tripped on something out in the hall earlier that day and broke my left wrist. i had a blue cast. my teacher kept giving me attitude and saying that i was a no good kid and the reason why i broke my arm is because i didnt care about school enough. i tried to stand up for myself but my teacher was giving me the silent treatment and i no matter what i said i just looked like a complete idiot.


i was in a grocery store with my mom and dad. we were all fighting and really hostile towards each other. my dad told me i couldn't go back to school in the fall because it was too expensive and food wasn't, and shouldn't be a necessity. i saw this one column of food and there was a piece of paper with my name on it. it was a letter that said i had received a scholarship from the school and all this food was free and mine so everything would be okay. i read it over 3 times to make sure it said what i thought it did. i tried to get my dad to come over and read it but he kept yelling at me and saying that i needed to grow up. and i couldn't get my point across and it was so frustrating. my mom came over and tried to get us to work things out but she wouldn't read the letter either and i was just completely upset and done with them. i tried to leave but my mom kept saying i needed to understand where my dad was coming from.


i was going to australia with friends and joe and i were supposed to be sitting near each other. my mom bought the tickets all weird to save money and when i looked at my ticket i was taking 4 flights to get over there, and each layover was an entire day long. so i would be getting there way later than everyone else. joe tried to get me some chips but they didn't have any at this one place and he ended up missing the flight. i was sitting in between two morbidly obese people and i could feel myself in real life being smooshed and uncomfortable.

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