May 02, 2010


i was in a building at work. i think it was a library but it might have been something more than that i cant figure it out. i worked with joe guarding this one hallway making sure that only people with legit IDs got into the building. it was connected to some other building, where our hallway was and where we worked. so you walked through these locked doors to get to where we would ID you and then you would walk down the stairs and then up the stairs and get to this really big main room where all the books and cubicles were. we were standing in the hallway one morning. it was around 4AM. a man came through with tools and a watering can and we let him through. he had been there before watering the plants so we knew he was okay. then about 30 minutes later he came back through just like he always did, when he passed us Joe said something like 'we should get this guy out of here'. it was like joe knew or something that this guy was up to no good. he walked through our doors and just as they were sliding shut to lock i see the guy slowly pull a gun out of his coat and raise it to the ceiling. he keeps walking down the hallway past us and is now in the other building that we are connected to. we hear him shoot the gun twice, we guess it was at someone. alarms go off and we are flat on the ground. the guy is gone but we are still nervous that he is going to come back. we leave our post and go down to the main room and hide near a bunch of metal drawers. no one knows whats going on. i wake up

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