May 26, 2010

music video

i was rollerblading down the street with headphones on and there was a song that was playing really loud. the lyrics were "i was a freaky dude, what can i say. mom did all my laundry, dad put them away. i was a freaky dude this much is true, blaksdjfasdfj asldfkjsdf"

i kept thinking 'how did i not just get hit by a car at that intersection' every time i went through one without looking.

the song was by marky mark and it was called 'freaky dude'. it was like a story about him growing up and rearranging his closet every time he got sick of it. and then when he moved out he still rearranged it sometimes for when he would come back and visit his mom. and then i saw the music video and it was like marky marks closet throughout the ages and i saw what kinds of clothes he had and one time he owned 30 grey hoodies that were all the same.

i feel weird about this dream.

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