May 02, 2010


i had a ticket in my hand. i was walking with two of my friends from high school, jordan and kathleen. we were excited because we were going to the packaging factory and today was fruit loops day. there was this myth around my school that if you go to the factory to take a tour on days where they package cereal, you can trick the workers into thinking that you have an internship there and can use the machinery. when we got to the factory it was packed. the conveyer belt was in front of us and we could see a bunch of people from my school riding on it and eating cereal. and that is exactly what we wanted to do. so we had someone slow it down to normal speed so we could climb on and since no guard or worker was around we all got on the conveyor belt. someone turned the speed up so it was like we were on a mini roller coaster ride, going through the whole factory and at one part we even were outside. and we just got to eat all the fruit loops we wanted. pretty soon the place was packed with kids from my school and we were all having so much fun on this belt and then i got dizzy from too much sugar so i got off. and good thing because right afterwards, a man from the headquarters came over to the belt and turned it down to normal speed and everyone that was on the belt got in trouble and had to work for the company for real.

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