May 24, 2010


i was in this cabin sort of thing with katie and alex and we were preparing ourselves to go outside. to the alternate universe. it is dangerous out there. gravity shifts without asking. each of us have jobs in the outside world. we go out the door. we are outside. it looks like one very large room and there is a ceiling and walls. everything is made of metal and has plastic nobs and buttons in different sizes. katie and i float heavily to this one cylinder and sit inside of it. we begin frantically pushing the buttons and colors light up inside of them. we are pushing the same ones over and over. alex floats down to us. he is wearing a spacesuit but no helmet. he is floating above us. his job is to push one specific button on the ceiling. he did it already. we decide to go back inside because our jobs are done. we're talking about this alternate universe with each other. wondering what we would be doing in real life at the very same moment. we find someone familiar and we sit down next to them. after a few minutes of talking to them about our new lives. they say '"really though, how high are you guys.''

then our eyes adjust and we are sitting in a food court. and we are wearing plastic tubes and weird costumes. we realize that it is not an alternative universe at all and but actually a shopping mall. we laugh about it. a lot. because we are high.

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