May 24, 2010


i was in someones house and martha stuart was there. but she looked like oprah winfrey, but i knew it was martha. my friend told her that the combination of butter and sugar was a great combination but all we had were peanut butter and eggs. her face lit up and she ran downstairs. i followed her to the basement. she had three HUGE tupperwares full of cookies and treats and when she wasn't looking i tried one and it was delicious. then i saw a dumpster full of rotten bananas being dumped into a lake and i didn't know what that meant. i went into a closet and found all these old art nouveau books. i tried to hold a bunch but they were too heavy. my mom told me to bring all the mattresses upstairs to throw away. there were 4. i tried to convince her that i would need one at school but then she said it would be okay and that the fruit bundle i had was rotten but i could get another one at the store. i looked down and she was right. i was holding a lot of different kinds of fruit and it was terrible and rotten and i had to throw it away. i was very upset and i couldn't stop saying ''the field trip is RUINED, MOM''

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  1. Sarah-Kay KilnerJune 16, 2010

    i think this is a sign of our fear for rotten smelly smooshy bananas xxx