May 19, 2010


lizzy and i were the only people at school for a week and there was a cafeteria here and they served us gourmet vegan food every meal and we were eating like queens. Then everyone came back and they gave us gyros one meal and said that it was vegetarian but my whole entire thing was full of meat. So I went to the back bar and starting picking out the meat and trying to make the sandwich okay for me to eat. There were three dirty girls in the back and they were bullying me and one of them took my phone which was really high tec and tiny because i got it for christmas. it was smaller than a penny and i said 'be careful with that okay' and she started throwing it down on the table and saying 'yeah, sure thing' so i said no really stop doing that but i couldnt get the phone away from her because i had meat all over my hands. then i went to the table and sat down because i was nervous. i remembered i left my soda over by the table but my friend said i shouldnt get it because they probably roofied it.

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