May 11, 2010


i was back in the united states. alex, eric and ethan were in a dinosaur museum and i was going to meet them there. the museum had 4 floors and each one the bones got bigger and bigger. i never made it to the 4th floor where they were supposed to be HUGE because i tripped over a wire and had to finish an art project with my teacher. then i went outside and i was near the street. and i saw alex coming out of the place and i walked up the steps to meet him with eric who left when he saw me. alex squinted in my direction because i was alone and probably looked different. i assumed he couldnt figure out if it was me or not. he were wearing a yellow jacket. or maybe i was. one of us was wearing yellow. when we got to each other i hugged him so tight. the tightest hug and neither of us said anything. we just sat down on the soggy snowy steps and held each other and my face was so cold. he kissed me but we both decided against it because our lips were as cold as icicles and it almost was too painful. so we just held each other tighter. then it started raining and we were going to go somewhere with everyone but i decided to walk there by myself instead of ride in the car with them because new zealand had made me really over the top green. so i walked through a restaurant because it was the quickest way to get there. i went under a table and through someone's legs and i could hear them talking about me but i didn't care. i was walking really slow because it was so windy and it was taking me forever to get across the street.
i saw my friend marlee and she was waving me over to see some girl that we used to babysit. when i was walking over to them i looked at another girl sitting down on a bench. she called me an idiot assuming i didn't know what the girl looked like after 10 years. i said of course i know what she looks like. i asked her what grade she was in and she said she was a junior. i said what are you going to do with yourself! she asked what to do you mean. i said you know, college and stuff. then a lady came over to me with a stern face and a slip or red paper that was a demerit. the reason issued on the card read 'false assuming child will become successful'. and i felt really bad and also noticed that i was going to get three points on my drivers license for that.
the next thing i knew i was in a house with this boy from my high school and i was making muffins with no pants on. eric and alex were talking in the other room, but neither of them ever came out i just heard their voices. and this kid who i never actually knew in high school and i were small talking and i kept thinking 'why am i doing this. i want to be in the other room, why am i in the kitchen right now." then i woke up because i was cold

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