May 20, 2010

halfway lucid

i was in a tower in my bed and when i went to sleep there were two of us but when i woke up there was only me with a note on my pillow that said. "went for a walk. as i'm writing this you are asleep and you are all pouts which makes me want to kiss you but i don't want to wake you up so i am resisting. look for me outside the window.'' i go to the window and i see him far away. i think oh thats about a 45 minute walk. but then i remember another way. i climb out of my window and look down. i slide my legs on the side of the house and slide down the tower. however i turn my hips very slightly i can change the way my body slides. i stay very stiff and float down the side of my house. raising my hips i float upwards over the hill and down left and right until i get to alex. he said he found a bunch of my friends that had been visiting. most of them left except one small boy who ran atop the hill towards the tower when a lion had eaten all the townspeople. i didn't know what that meant or anything at all but i went along with it.

we met up with my friends in a field near a gas station parking lot. the survivors from the attack. they were talking about it all, being attacked and everything. i told them that sleeping outside is a dangerous thing unless you are in new zealand because there aren't any animals that are dangerous. jacob told me i didn't know what i was talking about because sleeping in the ocean is a very dangerous thing. i decided none of the boys would listen to what i was saying so i would go sit on a bench where emily and betsy and meghan were. i lifted my feet up and started soaring over to them. i found out the straighter i made my body the faster i went as well. i learned different things i could do to control the speed and movements testing them out in the parking lot and showing meghan who was really interested. i could get really close to a building and then lift my hip just a tiny bit and then stiffen my body and zoom around the corner of the building. it was a really interesting feeling.

i flew over our tower and across the city and around a sports area, which was really busy so i decided to land in a seat so i wouldn't have to pay for a ticket but could still watch the game. i went down the stairs and saw that two of my friends were there eating candies from a vendor. i said hi to them, i looked behind the vendor and saw that there was a bookshelf. right about this time is when i realized i was dreaming. i almost woke up and i could feel my brains eye opening but i squeezed it real tight so i would remain asleep. i made up titles for all the books and i saw one that was blurry and i couldn't make out the title of it so i thought 'this book is going to have the title THESE DRUGS MAKE YOUR TONGUE SEE WORDS WHEN YOU LICK THEM" the book was really thick and i went through and tried to find a page with a photo on it that i liked so i could lick it. i could feel the weight of the book in my hands and i didn't like that so i put it back.

i heard music playing and decided i would go and find out where it was coming from. there was a man in a small room playing a piano. it was a really nice song. i went down a level and there were two men in this room each playing piano. they were practicing for something. i decided i was bored in there so i went down the stairs and out to the smokers place and started to walk home. my friends brother said he was going to leave as well. we started walking along the outside of the arena. it was really dark and the gravel was fun to kick around. he was telling me about how his dad was a really good man but was a little off sometimes. we saw a cops headlights and stopped walking. then we started running. we ran out of the gate and a string of 8 or 9 flashy sports cars sped by us on the gravel. painted blue and red mostly. the drivers were doing donuts in the parking lots and playing chicken with each other and yelling out their windows at us. but i was not scared.

we got home to this guys house and i met his father. his father was nice but his head seemed like he was in another place. i looked at him and somehow our brains connected for a second. i got an image in my head of these two faces merging together. the profiles were facing each other but a little off set. one mans mustache flowed into the other to take the place of the other mans nose. the second mans nose was where a mouth would be. then i looked again and the mustache was actually an eyebrow. the whole thing was like an optical illusion. and very hard to see. i realized that i was going to forget this image when i woke up so i tried to draw it on a piece of cardboard. the dad said it would ruin everything and tried to get me to stop. i left the room and decided to go swimming. after swimming for a second and then realizing i had to go to the bathroom in real life i woke up.

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