October 14, 2009

chairlifts and chihuahuas

in my dream i was sitting on a chair lift with three of my friends from high school. josh was there and he looked so happy and exactly the same as i remember him. we were watching a group of our friends below us having a bonfire. i leaned forward and jumped off but didn't really need to jump i suppose because i sort of just walked onto the ground below me very gracefully. next thing i knew i was back on the chairlift with the same people doing the same exact thing. maybe i had deja-vu in my dream. it was weird. when i returned back to the ground i saw maddie and her hair was so long-almost to her knees. and she kept saying that she painted her room purple and we could all hang out in it if we wanted to. i sat down on the ground and just lay there for a while. i saw a girl that goes to my school, the skinny one that always runs with her lacrosse stick. she was playing with my bunny and i was pissed about it because she turned it into a baby chihauhau. and also pizza could talk now so it was extra creepy because her voice was raspy and she kept rolling down the hill in this chihauhau body. i told the girl that she could keep her. she told me she didn't want to. she said she was nervous she was going to get a virus because she kissed pizza's head and there was flea spray on it. i said why would you ever think a bunny could get fleas. and she said, pizza isn't a bunny, she is a chihauhau. i immediately left that conversation and woke up because ????? no.

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