October 13, 2009

sliding on cement

i was riding in a car with a bunch of my friends somewhere, there were three separate cars and somebody's parents were driving. the one i was in was a white van with no seats in it so we were sitting on the floor. my friend was talking about how green this car was and what made it so great. we had a long conversation about how the blinds in the van were like the spoons that phelps serves sometimes. the ones made out of corn that you can boil and somehow eat? or maybe not eat them, they just ... are better for the environment or something. so we pulled the blinds off and boiled them to see if it worked.
we were outside of a building made entirely out of cement because someone we were with wanted to get OCD medicine and had to get tested here. we were walking around inside waiting for him to come out, and i slipped on the floor and started sliding around on my back because the floors weren't level. I made it all the way down the hallway without moving and when other people tried, they just fell over and didn't move around at all. We laughed at this and then realized we were sweating a lot so we went outside. The boy we were waiting on came out and was so happy because he got the medicine. I was holding Pizza the bunny except somehow she grew and was probably 10 pounds because it was almost too much weight for me to hold her like i normally do. So i put her over my shoulder like a baby and carried her that way. The hill we walked down to the car was so steep we had to take really tiny steps or else we would topple over. I was back in the car, there was a lot of traffic and I got really nervous that we were going to get in an accident.

my alarm went off, i went back to sleep. i did not go to class.

i was in my house and my alarm went off so i got up and was jumping around the room. i ran over to my computer and put the song 'down' by jay sean (??????) on really loud. i had a paintbrush in both of my hands and no shirt on. there were people at our house and i told them not to bother me because i was working on my still life for painting class. i kept saying i needed to have something to show my teacher since i hadn't gone to class in a week. i first did a still life of pieces of cloth pinned to the walls in my house. then i decided that was a stupid idea, and decided to use people as the objects in my still life. i used their heads. two were up close to me and one was in the distance, and it looked really good. i was proud of myself for mixing colors that looked so much like skin tones. and all with a pallet knife! i was impressed with myself.

then i woke up and couldn't figure out if the second part of that dream was actually real or not. it was so realistic that i didn't know if it was a memory. after about an hour of debating in my head, i've come to the conclusion that these things did not actually happen in real life.

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