October 06, 2009

i now have a pet bunny named pizza

i was sitting in a parking lot trying to get something out of my car, but i was going through the sunroof so i was very high. there were some kids i've never seen sitting in a car next to me and they had their door open. i could tell they were going to smoke but they were being so shady because they didn't want me to to know. i jumped down and slid through their open window. i said, 'i know what you guys are doing and i don't mind so why don't you go ahead and stop wasting time.' and they said 'OH YOU DON'T MIND, OKAY'. i got out of the car and it started raining. this girl i've met one time previous in real life came up to me and asked if i wanted to go to the gas station with her. i said sure and we left. when i came back jacob townley was really angry with me for trusting someone i barely knew. i said jacob, its fine there is nothing wrong with making new friends, and he said as a christian i wasn't supposed to trust anyone. i said thats silly jacob, and then turned around and was in my house. amanda asked me if she could drink some of my soy milk and i said 'of course, don't even worry about it at all. it tastes exactly like candy.'

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