October 22, 2009


in my dream i was at a party with all of my friends from school. talking and playing with one of those huge parachutes. my friend katie walks in the room with my friend jeremy from high school. i hugged him for so long and said jeremy jeremy how are you doing. then i turned around and jordan was there too. and i said if mark dodds walks in the door i will freak. and then i saw him. and i put my head in a pillow and just stayed there for awhile trying to understand why all my nice friends from high school were with me. he came over to me and i kissed him on the cheek and then he kissed me on the lips. and we were all just so happy to see each other.

next thing i knew i was walking on a parkway in this park over a hill. the trees were really short and the road was really curvy. luke was with me wearing really stupid sunglasses and so was eric, and us three were strutting like idiots down this street. no one said anything but we all knew that we were on the intro to the OC. not as side-orders, but we were the main characters. and we knew how stupid this was and how stupid we looked but we were just walking so dumb and laughing so hard and shaking our heads. i could hear myself giggling in real life but i just kept walking on this walkway and giggling in my dream because it was so funny. then i finally said this needs to stop, so i woke up.

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