October 24, 2009

naps are weird

two very quick dreams:

i was walking into our house through the front door and an alarm went off but i didn't know how to turn it off. my heart started beating really fast and the alarm got louder. there was a voice that kept repeating something. i felt really frantic and woke up. lost was on tv and there was an alarm going off and the voice that was in my dream was actually on the tv show.

i was in my house and my brother walked in the room and his neck was all cut up. it looked like someone peeled off his skin in layers like an onion. he wasn't saying anything and everyone was yelling. a group of about 3 more people walked in and they were bloody too. i looked down at my brother and a spider came near my face from the ceiling. i swatted it away, and then there was another one. but i couldn't see it with my eyes, i just knew it was there. and no matter where i looked i couldn't see it. but i could feel it getting closer to me.

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