September 29, 2009

big wishes

i was sitting in a room with my two friends abby and sarah talking about how cold it was outside. there was a bunny on the bed sitting next to me. i kept picking it up and saying "look, i'm a bunny" i looked outside the window and there was snow everywhere. there was also a fox outside looking through the window at me. he was sad that he was outside in the cold and not inside under blankets with us. next i was holding hands with alex and we walked down these stairs and started making this huge bouquet volcano out of ripped up pieces of love letters everyone in the world had ever written. our hands were moving so fast making this. people kept coming up to me and saying my that is pretty. then i saw a video of myself in a coat and scarf. i remember saying out loud "in my dreams i own a yellow coat". the sound of my own voice woke me up.

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