September 12, 2009


in my dream i was trying out for the pull and it was nighttime. there were all these festivities and activities that i had do in order to prove that i was ready to be a "morale girl". there was a wagon full of girls that were sitting and we had to crowd surf over them down the wagon and then continue on to the rest of the race. they were all cheering and holding their hands up until you were ready to crowd surf and then they would get straight faces and be completely still. and i tried to keep jumping on them, but they were hard as rocks and they would whisper really mean things in your ears like how you were going to die, and how you weren't strong enough to be in pull. it was really frustrating and i wished that they would just be nice to me and let me pass. i finally got through somehow and there was a race that we had to run. at certain parts we had to sprint really fast and jump as far as we could. i was running so fast and i as really proud of myself because i was really fast at sprinting.

later on in my dream i was in a house with a bunch of my friends, girls and boys. we lived in this really nice old house and there were probably 20 people living there. there were really nice hooks in the kitchen that we could each hang up our nice tea mugs on, and i was so proud of the way i decorated my room. the woman that lived there before us left the people in my room some treats like old books and stained paper and really nice old vintage clothes and scarves. it was really nice and we had really cool wallpaper that was green like a swamp with dark purple designs on it. it was also sort of see-through and you could see a grid on the wall as well. the lady told us the grid was for us, so that we could see how level paintings and things were when we decided to hang them up. then i found out that luke was my RA, even though we were no longer in college and he told me i couldn't live in that room and that i was banished to a room in the attic. i was really confused because i didn't understand why i had to follow his rules but he made me and i was mad. and my new room sucked and it was an ugly color and i didn't even have a bed.

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