September 18, 2009


i was in a big kitchen at meijer, i think it was my job or something. regardless, i was there and we were making garlic cheese breadsticks to be packaged and sold. i was sitting on a stool. i didn't know anyone else there besides my friends adam and eric. only eric was a combination of two people- my friend eric and a boy i went to high school with named jeremy. i was talking with one of the other employees and i was thinking about how handsome he was. then he admitted to me that him and his wife are meth heads and if you do the percentages in small doses its not as dangerous as a drug as people give it credit for. i kept thinking wow, maybe this guy is right because his face isn't messed up at all, i mean, he's still really attractive. he said him and his wife just take a little before bed every night and its okay. then adam and eric started fighting and i tried to get them to stop but they had been fighting like this all day. i didn't know what to do and they stood up from their chairs and started pushing each other around. both of them whipped out a knife. adam stabbed eric in the leg but i didn't see that happen because there was no blood or puncture. then eric/jeremy duo sliced adam in the throat and it was so scary and there were pieces of skin on his little blade and i wanted to throw up. adam said it was okay and i held his hand and then all of the sudden his eyes got really big and he looked scared. eric/jeremy got nervous too and started whimpering, i kept yelling at everyone to call 911 but they were just standing there. i put adam on the ground and held his hand and yelled for help so loud and for so long. i think i freaked myself out in real life because i woke up really startled.

then i went back to sleep and i was in a car with marlee telling her about this dream i just had. she was sitting there listening and then she missed a right turn, but we were in the farthest left hand land so she cut a lane and tried to make the turn but we got hit by a car?

then i woke up again and i just decided not to go back to sleep because my dreams lately are really bothering me and i didn't want to have another one like that.

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