September 10, 2009

slept on the futon

in my dream i had my desk out on our screened in front porch with all my possessions inside of it and shelves with my past notebooks and sketchbooks and art projects and loves. i woke up in the middle of the night and heard a bunch of people outside our house at 3 in the morning. i opened the door and saw that they were looking at my stuff, holding my clothes and my dresser and meercat in their hands. filtering through my journals and collecting things for themselves. i said no you cannot do this, thank you. please leave. they said since they had touched it and there was no sign that said hands off, that it was theirs to take. i said okay. okay. deep breath. yeah okay, i guess i can live without these things, just wait do you have my. NO YOU CANNOT TAKE THIS ART ITS IN THE PROCESS OF BEING MADE AND I NEED IT. i need this stuff to work on. the lady said she liked it and she wanted to use it in her house, and i said thats not even possible because its not finished yet, you haven't seen the finished product. i was screaming now, they couldn't take my supplies and unfinished things with them. i needed those in my life. with me. they took everything and suddenly i was at the house i lived in over the summer looking at the porch. it was filled with painting and drawing easels, with a sign that said ''please remove these things by september 15th, or else you will not get your rent deposit back. love, your landlord". i was pissed because i had to clean everything and plus, none of this was even ours. lindsey appeared out of thin air with a sign she made for a yard sale so we could make money off our landlord.

my phone buzzed. i got a text message. i woke up. i went back to sleep.

in my new dream i was on campus outside with my friends. we were in a space pod and kept all of our bikes inside of it. we were on a field trip of some sort. everything was really green but our teacher warned us that it was dangerous outside. rabies was running loose and our mission was to get to safety without injuring ourselves or others, and warn the civilians of the danger. santino from project runway was also in my class, and he left with me and a group of two other students. i opened the door and it had snowed the night before and i did not have shoes on. the grass was really cold and i had to run a long distance. clearly, i was pissed. wolves came out of the woods at us, santino told us to act like dogs and just lay on the ground. the two other students pretended they were trees. i ran like mad. i found this house in the middle of campus. the door was unlocked. i ran up the stairs inside and told the people they needed to get all the mirrors they could together. they had 4, two were about the size of a quarter so i said, fuck that-those don't count. just come to the window and hold them up to push the werewolves away. we all did. outside the window you could see the pine grove but it had been demolished and what was left was only bare ground that was now dirt. also there was an arena. there was a huge dog that was probably the size of a dinosaur in this arena barking and growling at people and trying to bite everything in its way. fleck and ethan were in charge of taking this dog down. they had tranquilizers that they were stabbing at the dogs neck and jumping on his back and legs. finally the dog dropped to the ground with a big thud and we were back at the space pod with our bikes. i tried to get my bike out of the pod so i could ride it but the handle bars got stuck in the door and i ripped them off. i spent the next five minutes trying to screw them back on but had no luck.

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