September 17, 2009


we were at hope college but hope college looked different than we were used to, it was a different location. i think it might have been at a hotel. i was still amandas roommate. it was really hot outside i remember and i wanted to wear a dress but i didn't have any because i sold them all at my dorm sale. so i went into our mini walk in closet thing and said ''amanda what do you have for me today'' and i found this really cute dress that was a halter top and it was light pink and terry cloth and i said oh this will be perfect because we are going to the beach today/or swimming/or something. and then i went in the bathroom and tried to go but people kept walking in on me and there wasn't a lock so i said "i'm in hereee" in one of those sing song voices but what you're basically saying is ''get the fuck ou--outtttt" so then we went into this hallway and i saw amanda and said ''is this okay?" and she said "to be honest, no its not because the last week you've worn so many of my clothes and i really wanted to wear that today and i hate that you wear my things without asking me first." and i said okay thats understandable, i'm sorry but really--i dont have anything else to wear so just this once okay. and she said ''to be honest i really hate being your roommate" and i said ""

then a bunch of us were outside, like our whole school and it turns out we had been on a weekend field trip somewhere and the busses were getting ready to leave. i realized i had to pee really bad before we left and so i went running through the hotel looking for a bathroom. i ran for about 4 minutes straight in my dream, jumping over people and turning corners, i finally found this one lobby where there were two family bathrooms. one said ''whites only'' and one said ''blacks only'' there had been a girl running with me this whole time and she went into the whites only bathroom and i said okay i hope i don't get in trouble for this. and went into the blacks only bathroom. then some lady opened the door on me and said ''girl what the FUCK are you doing in here'' and i said ''i know i'm not black, but i have to pee and i thought it would be okay because it was the only one, i'm sorry''

then we were back at hope college and we were on 14th street. and it was night time i remember because everyone was outside looking at the sky and it was purple and the stars were yellow and the moon was blue and it was really pretty. then i got a call from jacob on my cell phone and he said ''come over to my house. i really want to see you." and i said really? and he said yes i think its time we hung out. its been a really long time. and so i was all excited and i went over there and there were a bunch of dudes. i sat on that big couch with ethan and we were just sitting there watching everyone hanging out and it was really chaotic in there. i was wondering where jacob was because he invited me to hang out. i was getting kind of frustrated that i was there and he was not. then the door to erics room opens up and this girl comes out. brown hair she is probably like 5 feet tall, kind of pretty. and she does not have a shirt on and she has this HUGE scratch mark on her back from fingernails and she walked into the living room and slowly and casually put on this nude colored leotard and all the boys were like ''ooooo.....yikes'' and i looked back at erics room and saw jacob in there for a second and he was putting his shirt back on. and then ethan goes. "wait ...what the fuck is going on" under his breath and i wanted to vomit out my heart and jacob looked at me and said 'thanks for coming over i just wanted you to see that' i stood up and said I need to leave, this is all so stupid and dumb. where are sarah and abby. where are my friends. get me out of here. and all the boys were whispering. and i just felt so STUPID.

this dream sucked.

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  1. in real life, i enjoy being your roommate and you are welcome to wear my clothes whenever you want. you don't even need to ask.