September 01, 2009

little tinky sounds

i was in a large room standing in line for something. i had not yet figured out what the something was yet. i was very confused and kept looking around but only saw a room with cement floors and white walls and pretty lighting and lots of people. some form of gallery. the line moved and a woman asked for my ticket. i began to say i didn't have one but we both looked down at my hand and saw that i was holding a ticket. it was red. i reached out and gave it to the woman. she asked me if i wanted anything to drink and i got a glass of some kind of alcohol. and asked her what we were all doing there. she looked at me funny. i turned around and before me was a very long table, probably 12 feet long. it was full of xylophones and other bell instruments, some drums and things that make little tinky sounds. sigur ros and chris martin from coldplay were behind this table playing the instruments. the music they were making sounded like little baby birds learning how to fly. i thought, how cool, i am front row at this concert. i said that aloud and no one seemed to feel the same enjoyment as i did, because they were all quiet. i walked around and saw my friend mike sitting on a red couch that was really low to the ground. the kind that make it hard to get out of when you want to stand back up. we shook hands and he said how crazy is this, huh. i said yes. i went back to the front of the stage and listened to more tinky bird music.

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